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ARCHIVE: A Service of Hope

Originally published 11/14/20

This evening Erik performed at a “Service of Hope and Remembrance” at South Main Baptist Church. Members of the congregation were given an opportunity to light a candle and say the names and a few words about loved ones who died during the past year. It was a simple and moving ceremony, with two dozen brief remembrances. Many were of elderly parents or lifelong spouses, including a woman who fell in love with her husband when she was only fourteen. There were also a surprising number of suicides. The church staff shepherded the proceedings with sensitivity, sincerity, and warm humanity. A service such as this helps provide closure to the inevitable yet unwanted loss of a loved one. I lost it when Linda reminded me of my brother John, who died last March. The beautiful music provided solace.

Must Kleenex be white

and serve as a signal of

our uncontrolled grief?

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